The looped sequence above was captured live on the Internet on July 16, 1996. This movie, documenting a live transmission via Enhanced Cu-SeeMe, from Nexus Contemporary Art Center, in Atlanta, shows the interaction between a local viewer, the telerobotic macowl, real birds in the aviary, and remote participants on the Internet. As the local participant wears the virtual reality headset, he sees live stereoscopic video. He moves his head to left and right, causing Internet viewers and participants to see different points of view of the aviary (from the perspective of the right eye of the telerobot). We also see birds flying, perching, and eating. Sounds coming from the Internet into the aviary (through the body of the telerobotic macowl) also affect the behavior of the birds, as well as the response of local participants. Viewers and participants who logged on with Cu-SeeMe saw the same event in grey, from the point of view of the left eye of the telerobot.

Anatomy of the live transmission from Atlanta

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