Originally published in Crossings (forthcoming)

Transgenic Art, the True Modernist Reformat

Simon Bendi

Mr Kac's iridescent mouse is a glowing example of
Reformat, a theory of modern life put forward by Simon
Bendi in 1996. This is at its most basic a clear case
of the 'Changeless Change' and at its most
sophisticate the basis of all relationships of art and

Reformat holds that the underlying tenet of art and
life does not change but that it is the format on
which the game is manoeuvred is where the difference

Production and consumption when viewed separately are
the double helix unpacked and as such cannot seriously
be 'felt' or 'studied' in isolation. When viewed as
one it is merely the format of any particular view
that may change, little else. Obviously this allows
for the notion of progress, through development of
formatting, and also allows for consideration of 'the
other' or spirituality at the heart and soul of art.

Kac is a perfect example of truly modern 21st century
art. The dreams and nightmares of the darker side of
the imagination and a basket case of reality creations
from narcotic excesses of 20th century fictions, right
in front of your face. These are the presents kids
really want!

The Eight Day&Mac226; is a mix between Dr No and frogspawn
in the jar, where you can make your own world, play
God and the Devil and enjoy a &Mac226;Play for Every Way&Mac226;. Is
this a new format for a new day, or a new dawn of a
new way.

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