An ongoing series of digital images by Eduardo Kac

In Erratum, pairs of words are seen in a field in which layers of colors embed and dissolve the verbal forms. The words are nearly homophonous and always suggest contrasting meanings. These images are hand-painted on a computer employing a whole repertoire of rips, blurs, scratches, warps, slashes, composites, scrawls, color manipulations, smears, gashes, filters, gougings, scaling, abrasions, transparencies, inscriptions and overpastings.

J. Fiona Ragheb, Assistant Curator of Art at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, wrote:

"Eduardo Kac inhabits a digital culture, the fast-growing realm of the Internet populated by "netizens" who communicate across the back fence and around the globe via computer network. The artist's inkjet prints might be construed as digital collages, the surfaces of which are manipulated and torn using computer technology. Kac's Erratum series gives visual form to his concern for what he describes as the negotiation, rather than communication, of meaning. Kac's play with near homophones such as "knife" and "night" suggests that meaning is not inherently fixed. The layered ground -- from which the words emerge and dissolve like a palimpsest -- visually renders this sense of instability."

"Through the Looking Glass," in KY/SCnyc, p. 7 (catalogue of homonymous exhibition realized at the National Arts Club, New York, 1996).

Erratum 1

Erratum 2

Erratum 3

Erratum 4

Erratum 5

Erratum 6

Erratum 7

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