If you already have RealPlayer configured for your computer, please scroll down or click here.


To receive the live stream from Austria you need RealPlayer. If you don't have it yet, please download it from Real's home page by clicking on you RealPlayer of choice:


Minimum System

Free Download

PC with Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT 90 MHz Intel Pentium processor (or equivalent) - 16 MB RAM - 30 MB free on your hard disk - 16-bit sound card and speakers - 65,000-color video display card. For Web access the minimum recommended is a 28 K modem.

RealPlayer G2

Macintosh with OS 7.x or 8.x 604 PowerPC - 32 MB RAM - 65MB virtual memory. Real suggests a minimum of 200 MHz, but we tested RealPlayer 5.0 on a 132 MHz PowerMac and it worked fine. For Web access the minimum recommended is a 28 K modem.

RealPlayer 5.0

(Click on RealPlayer G2; it will take you to download 5.0)

Browser configuration

Please take a moment to configure RealPlayer as a helper application in your browser. To learn how to configure your browser to work with RealPlayer G2 please click here. To learn how to configure your browser to work with RealPlayer 5.0 please click here.

The live zone of Genesis was designed to be seen with the live stream and the controls embedded in your browser. If you do configure your browser to use RealPlayer as a helper application you will see embedded stream and controls, as originally intended. If you don't configure your browser to use RealPlayer you will see the stream on a separate window.


If you have additional questions about RealPlayer, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions section for the version of RealPlayer you choose. Clear instructions are provided for several browsers, including Netscape, Explorer, and AOL. If you can't find the answer to your question in the FAQ section, please consult the Knowledge Base page.

The Genesis interface

Once you have downloaded and installed RealPlayer, you will be ready to go to the live zone of Genesis. The Genesis interface includes a button on the left to turn the UV light on and thus cause mutation in real bacteria (E. coli) at the O.K. Center for Contemporary Art, in Linz, Austria. When the UV light is turned on, it will stay on for 90 seconds.

When you click, the UV light is activated immediately in the gallery, reflecting your presence on the server. As a result tempo and timbre of the streaming DNA music also change in real time. Video and music will stream live from the gallery.

Please note that due to Internet traffic, it may take between 15 to 30 seconds for the changes in the live video/audio streams to be seen and heard on your computer. Please be patient. The response speed will vary according to general traffic, your local bandwidth, and the speed of your computer.

Note: if you are behind a firewall you may not be able to control the UV light. To experience Genesis fully behind a firewall, please consult your system administrator. Additional information on how to use RealPlayer behind a firewall can be found here.

Go to the live zone of Genesis (available only from September 4 to September 18, 1999).

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