Previous exhibitions of the Free Alba! series.

Lieu Unique, Nantes, 14 Mars au 04 Mai, 2003.

Fiac, Paris, Galerie J. Rabouan Moussion., 2003.

Free Alba!, Eduardo Kac's solo exhibition realized at Julia Friedman Gallery, Chicago, May 3 - June 15, 2002.

For more information on this exhibition, see documentation at Julia Friedman Gallery's site.

Free Alba! presented large-scale color photographs, drawings, prints, Alba flags, and Alba t-shirts. Through the leitmotif of Kac's green bunny, this exhibition explored the poetics of life and evolution. Seen together for the first time were posters from Kac's public interventions in Paris (2000), an Alba flag flying outside the Gallery (2001), photographs that reclaimed green bunny narratives circulated by global media (2001-02), drawings that reflected on our closeness to the "animal other" (2001-2002) and Alba t-shirts that extended Kac's cause beyond gallery's walls (2002). Through the "Free Alba!" photographs Kac reappropriates and recontextualizes the vast coverage his "GFP Bunny" has received, exhibiting the productive tension that is generated when contemporary art enters the realm of daily news.

Review: "New Kac Show Takes a Look at Ethics, Rabbit", Lisa Stein, Chicago Tribune, May 10, 2002, p. 21.

Documentation of the "Free Alba! exhibition commissioned by Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan, from Dec. 8, 2001 to January 6, 2002.

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