Click to see the Lagoogleglyph inside Google Earth

Eduardo Kac, Lagoglyphs: Lagoogleglyph I (2009)
Google Earth work composed of Lagoglyph installed on the roof of Oi Futuro, Rio de Janeiro, approx. 26 x 56 ft; and custom-ordered WorldView2 satellite photograph.

More photographs here.

Lagoogleglyph (2009) is a distributed, global artwork that inscribes lagoglyphs into the environment and makes them visible to the world. In its first manifestation Lagoogleglyph consists of a pixelated lagoglyph, referencing a rabbit head, inscribed on the roof of the Oi Futuro building and specifically made by Kac for the eye of a satellite used by Google. The artist hired the same satellite used by Google and produced a photograph identical to the kind used by Google Earth. Lagoogleglyph is visible to anyone on the planet via Google's geographic search engine (see below).

Video here. (It's a 25MB mp4. Please wait a few seconds for the video to load.)


1-Open Google Earth

2 –Copy and paste this address (and then press Return or Enter with the cursor still inside the address window):
Rua Dois de Dezembro 63. Rio de Janeiro, 22220-040 Brazil

3 – Click on the "clock icon" under the Google Earth title (to the left of the "sun icon").

4 – You’ll notice that a slider bar appears. Click on the leftmost arrow. You’ll notice that the date changes to January 3rd, 2010.

5 – That’s it! Now zoom in by double-clicking the image on the screen to see the Lagoogleglyph upclose.

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